Interior Wood Trim for Customized Pick Up Truck

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Was approached by fellow that had a customized 1995 Pick up Truck.  Although the overall appearance was outstanding, he was unhappy with the woodwork and wanted to know if I would consider making the wood trim in a Walnut finish that would suit him much better. The trim was covered with an clear appoxy, same as  for bar tops, and I had never worked with it,  I told him I would give it my best shot and as a result, I learned a lot.  The appoxy is made in two parts, a resin and a hardner that are mixed together and are normally poured over the object you want covered.  It leaves a thick, clear finish as seen on many bar tops. He also wanted to reconfigure the way his drink holders were made.  The ones he had were on top of the center arm rest and he wanted them counter sunk into the center consul.  I had to make new wood coverings and took the parts separtly.  The only part that gave me trouble was the top center consul.  Very complicated cuts, but finally it came together.  I spent enough time on this project to bcome friends with the owner,  I learned something and made a friend.  Doesn’t get any better than that at my age.