In 2015, My daughter had the idea to begin a Trolley business in the Upper Keys of Florida to deliver wedding parties from their hotels to the venue where the wedding was to be held.  She based her idea on the very limited parking space at all venues along with the idea that the folks having the wedding would prefer to have any of their guests who might imbibe a bit to much to drink, to have a safe way to return to their hotels.  She purchased her first Trolley “Island Time Trolley” which needed restoring and enlisted my help to to do so.  What follows are pictures of the restorations that we made.  Her second Trolley “Island Time Express” was in excellent shape and only needed to be converted cosmetically to to add the ‘TIki feel of the Keys to it.  Its purpose initially was to provide a means for people to travel from Key Largo to Key West on a daily visit, without having to drive themselves.  Her third Trolley “Island Tme Spee “Key Sea” she found and fell in love with its unique appearance.  It had been used originally in Chicago for “Gangster Tours” and was eventually given to a Islamorada School for their use.  The school did not have the means to correct any problems that evolved with the unit and after a couple of years of use and deterioration due to roof and window leaks, it was parked and remained that way until found by my daughter.  She had me look at it and the damage, although extensive, was manageable and we proceeded to restore this Trolley too.  After getting into it, we decided to take all of the wood out and completely rebuild the interior.  This 1930′s look has gained it a lot of attention and people have asked about using it even before we were finished.  The pictures tell the story.