Island Time Spee “Key Sea” (During Restore)


After stripping all the old wood out of the Trolley we began by layying a 3/4″ marine plywood floor. We securred the floor to the frame by drilling into it and then screwing metal screws to secure the plywood to it.  We then did the same to the walls with 1/2″ plywood.  We installed the ceiling with 4″ wide stripes in the same manor as it was curved.

We then overlaid the walls with finished 1/4″ plywood that was later stained.  We install a beaded ceiling which came in 3″ wide stripes that interlocked with eachother.  We gllued the ceiling and used pin nails to hold it in place until the glue dryed thoroughly.  Built a new cabinet and dashboard out of 3/4 birch plywood and also a small seat that would double a additional storage space.  This seat is for when driver needs an additional person to ride and help with large crowds.  We covered the floor first with a thick ribbed rubber down the center and the sides were done with the same rubber although is was solid, with no ribs.  After removing the rust from the entrance stairs we covered the worn areas with metal and then used bondo to make solid and smooth.  they were painted and then ribbed rubber flooring istalled.  Next we installed the bar (I made at home).  The entrance doors were covered with 1/2″ plywood.  All aeas were stained and then 3 coats of marine grade urethane put over them.  We added some decorative moldings, installed the seats that my daughter had recovered and Island Time Spee “KEY SEA” was ready for her first wedding.  My grandson and his wife and thier respective stand ups, were the first to use it.